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Olympus AS5000 PC Transcription Kit, AS-5000

Olympus AS5000 PC Transcription Kit, AS-5000
Item# AS5000
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Product Description

The AS5000 has been replaced with the AS7000.

The AS-5000 combines with the DS-5000 digital voice recorder or other professional digital voice recorder from Olympus to provide a complete, end-to-end business solution. Complete with footswitch, headset, and powerful software, the AS-5000 can easily be integrated into the workflow of any office system and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments, and office locations. Special email and FTP functions enable dictation files to be automatically routed to predetermined locations or addresses upon downloading.

Citrix and Terminal Service are fully supported. Please contact us in advance as a site license is required for this type of install. A complete install guide is available.

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The new features, such as Audio capture function and automatic software upgrade via internet, in the new DSS Player Pro Release 5 improves the usability of the software. AUTOMATIC ASSISTANCE. Automatically receive dictation files and send transcribed document files by email or FTP.

INSTANT NOTIFICATION. Receive a visual or audible announcement every time a new dictation file arrives.

AUTOMATIC TRANSCRIPTION ASSISTANCE. Automatically starts your word processing program when transcribing a dictation file.

EASY FILE MANAGEMENT. Manage DSS, WAV, WMA, and AIFF audio files.

•Plays DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats in the background when another application is running, such as a word processor.

•Enables foot switch control of the playback process.

•Transcription can be done by combining the playback sound with the adjustable playback speed, tone control, and noise cancellation. (*)

•Receives dictation files and sends created document files by email or FTP.(**)

•Expand FTP support to include Passive mode and SSL.(**)

•Sorts received dictation files by sender, and automatically sends created document files.(**)

•Manages created document files in association with dictation files.(**)

•Voice recognition of dictation files is possible with the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 and later.(**)

•Supports Citrix and Terminal Service.(**)

•Search filter to the List View pane columns.(**)

•Audio capture function for the line-in recording.(**)

•Automatic software update through Internet.(**)

•Background dictation notification support.(**)

•Two modes/views of operation for Transcribe bar.(**)

•Transcribing time left indicator instead of time commenced.(**) (*) It is not possible to playback while setting the playback speed and noise cancellation simultaneously with the Macintosh version. (**) Windows only.

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