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Philips LFH5274 SpeechMike

Philips LFH5274 SpeechMike
Item# LFH5274R

Product Description

Philips LFH5274 SpeechMike Refurbished with 90 day warranty

The SpeechMike Pro is an ergonomic, PC-connected handheld device for PC dictation

Recording function buttons

Dustproof optical trackball and scroll wheel for precise navigation

Larger buttons with tactile feedback

Four function "zones" allow single-handed operation of PC, plus all recording, playback and editing functions

Control Application for assigning buttons for use with third party applications

End-of-letter, insert/overwrite and spoken instructions buttons

Large record and pause LEDs; improved microphone sensitivity range

All buttons are fully programmable and re-mapable

Two programmable trigger-style touch buttons on the rear of the unit

Smaller, lighter slimmer profile

Adjustable volume control during playback via the scroll wheel

Excellent sound quality

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